Lockdown revives old passion for nature photography

Tuesday March 09 2021
'Flying Colours' by Lucas Maranga.

'Flying Colours' by Lucas Maranga. PHOTO | COURTESY


Photographer Lucas Maranga has been an entrepreneur all his professional life, running an events management company since 2000. But when the Covid-19 pandemic shut down his business and a lockdown was imposed, he spent lot of time in Nairobi National Park rejuvenating his mind and fuelling his old hobby.

“Animals fascinate me. How they live, behave, think and interact. Wild Africa is magical,” says Maranga, who loves the outdoors and travelling. Quite often his children accompany him, bringing the added benefit of family bonding.

Until 2019, he would capture images using his mobile phone and an old analogue camera. Now he favours the Canon 100-400mm lens ideal for wildlife and landscape shots. His portfolio of wildlife has images from the Nairobi, Masai Mara and Tsavo East National Parks.

Heaps of patience

Mr Maranga trained at Versatile School of Photography in Nairobi and additional online courses to improve his skills. He takes inspiration from the brilliant work of photographer Clement ‘Wild’ Kiragu who uses his talent to advocate for conservation. He also draws guidance from Caroline Muchekehu whose work he describes as “just up there.”

He has learned that lots of practice and an inborn interest in the craft are essential, and inordinate amounts of patience as animals are unpredictable.


He admits photography can be time-consuming particularly when juggling several obligations. He adds, “It can also be expensive especially when you need to upgrade cameras and lenses.”

He plans to visit and photograph in Ol Pejeta Conservancy and Amboseli National Park next.