Will Somalia stand on its feet after AU troops finally exit?

Saturday May 25 2024

Atmis has conducted drawdowns in its first two phases where 5,000 troops have left Somalia and 13 military bases turned over to Somali forces.



The muezzin's call echoed through the balmy Mogadishu air on August 11, 2023 summoning all, including Isak Aden Ali Garoow, for the Friday prayers.

A successful businessman, Isak had just secured a lucrative contract with the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (Atmis).

He was providing jobs for hundreds, a testament to his own determination and a symbol of a slowly rebuilding Somalia.

Suddenly, a boy, not older than nine, emerged from the throng, toting a gun. Before Isak could react, a shot rang out, and he was no more.

Investigations revealed a sinister truth – Isak's refusal to bow to Al Shabaab's extortion had sealed his fate.

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