11 Tanzanian students fleeing Ukraine war cross into Russia

Tuesday March 08 2022
Fleeing Ukraine conflict.

Nationals from different countries - from Africa, the Middle East and India - mostly students of Ukrainian universities are seen at the Medyka pedestrian border crossing fleeing the conflict in Ukraine on February 27, 2022. PHOTO | AFP


Eleven Tanzanian students who were stranded in Sumy, northeastern Ukraine, following Russia’s invasion have made it to Moscow, official confirms.

Emmanuel Buholela, a media officer with the Tanzanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, confirmed a report seen by The EastAfrican of the students being received in Russia and posing for a photograph with Tanzania’s Ambassador to Moscow, Mr Frederick Kibuta, and other officials.

Buholela said at least 150 students from Tanzania were in the Ukrainian city when the war broke out on February 24.

“We are still making a follow up of their whereabouts and we expect this afternoon to release more information sourced from our Embassy in Moscow,” Buholela said.

He said the government will ensure all the evacuated students are brought home.