Punish South Sudan ceasefire violators, Igad and Troika told

Wednesday January 17 2018

Civil societies in South Sudan have urged the regional bloc mediating peace in the war-torn country to take action against those violating the ceasefire agreement signed in December.

The executive director of South Sudanese Network for Democracy and Elections (SSuNDE), Mr Rajab Mohandis, has accused the Inter-Governmental Organisation on Development (Igad) of failing to punish the leaders of factions which are "constantly dishonouring" the peace deal.

He said condemning violations and warning of serious consequences will not result in achieving lasting peace and stability.

"Action relating to measures of consequences on the parties or individuals violating the agreement is exactly what the ordinary citizens want to see," he told journalists in Juba on Tuesday.

Mr Mohandis also urged Troika – United States, Britain and Norway who support the peace agreement – to hold the peace saboteurs accountable as pledged, adding that threats without actions are meaningless.

At least five violations have been reported since the December pact, blamed on both government and rebel forces.


Last week, Troika threatened to impose individual or group sanctions for those violating the ceasefire.

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SSuNDE is made up of more than 75 civil society groups united by a common desire to contribute to the realisation of a peaceful, democratic and dignified South Sudan, it says on its website.​

South Sudan, which gained independence from Sudan in 2011, has been ravaged by a four-year civil war.