Over 500 ADF rebels killed so far in Uganda-DRC joint operations

Friday August 18 2023

Military engineers rehabilitate the Mbau-Kamango road in the district of Beni, DRC on December 8, 2021. PHOTO | AFP

By Daily Monitor

Uganda and the DR Congo armed forces have killed at least 548 ADF rebels since November 31, 2021, when their joint operation codenamed ‘Operation Shujaa' began, the commander has revealed.

According to the commander of 'Operation Shujaa' Maj Gen Dick Olum, 50 rebels have been captured alive while 31 have surrendered.

He added that the operation has significantly reduced capacity of the ADF to wage war through capture of their manpower and weaponry.

“The ADF will soon get into the books of the past. We have reduced their capacity to cause war, we have depleted their manpower, their weaponry and their morale is at its lowest, since the start of the operation, we have followed them in areas of Tokomeka, Ituri, Kyabi, Boga, and Zuguruka, among others,” he said.

He made the remarks on Wednesday at the UPDF Mountain Division Headquarters in Muhooti Barracks, Fort Portal in Uganda.

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Olum also displayed artilleries captured from the ADF rebels, adding that they also recovered 9,500 rounds of ammunition.

He said a cache of 151 weapons, including 142 submachine guns, eight PMK machine guns, and a 60-millimeter mortar, were captured.

“The figures are only inclusive of what we have recorded, and we have in our custody as UPDF, FARDC has weapons and equipment captured from ADF rebels and are in DR Congo. So, the figures could be double than what we have just given you,” Maj Gen Olum said.

Additionally, the joint forces rescued 156 people, including children, who had been abducted by the rebels. He said those rescued are currently receiving medical care within the UPDF healthcare facilities.

Olum said the operation has now entered the third phase in the 3rd sector of deployment in Mwalika Valley, situated in North Kivu, South of Beni at the border of Uganda on River Semliki.

Regarding the ADF attack on Mpondwe-Lhubiriha Secondary School in Kasese on June 16, he recounted that since then, the joint forces have been pursuing the rebels to rescue some of the suspects thought to have been abducted by the rebels.

“We suspect the total number of students abducted was six, including one girl; the girl was killed and her body was recovered and DNA was conducted and the body was handed to her family. We also suspect other two boys who were abducted were killed and buried in areas where we have not reached,” he said.