Mgoya: Why I want presidential term limit scrapped in Tanzania

Wednesday September 25 2019

Tanzanian Dezydelius Patrick Mgoya wants the presidential term limit scrapped. PHOTO | MWANANCHI | NATION MEDIA GROUP



A Tanzanian has said he wants the presidential term limit scrapped so that President John Magufuli can remain in office longer.

Mr Dezydelius Patrick Mgoya said President Magufuli has made the country better.

“I thought, how radically would our country change if a man like Magufuli had a chance to lead for more than 10 years? Because, really, if it were not for his performance where would this idea even come from? I personally wish that his term in office is extended,” he said.

In April this year, President Magufuli reiterated his position against extending his term beyond the constitutional limit.

According to the Tanzanian Constitution, a president can serve a maximum of two terms. Each term is five years.


Mr Mgoya drew public attention early September when he filed a constitutional petition in the High Court in Dar es Salaam challenging the presidential term limits.

He said he is optimistic that he will get a favourable ruling.

“It will be a historic decision,” he told The Citizen in an interview.

In the petition, Mr Mgoya says barring anyone from standing for office as long as it is within their right should be declared illegal. “The right to vote and be voted for are the people's basic rights that should not be infringed on. Setting a term limit is nothing other than infringing on these rights.”

Mr Mgoya denied claims that he is being used to advance political interests.

“Those are mere malicious rumours,” he said, adding that he hopes more people will support his petition.