Uganda to withdraw ministers’ cars ahead of key summits

Friday December 15 2023

Uganda's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary Vincent Bagiire. PHOTO | COURTESY

By Daily Monitor

Uganda's government plans to withdraw vehicles from its officials, including ministers and permanent secretaries starting next week as the country gears up for the Non-Aligned Movement (Nam) and G77+China summits due January in 2024.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary Vincent Bagiire on Thursday announced the news, which will most likely disrupt travel plans for Christmas holidays to upcountry by many state officials. 

Over the years, many public officials with access to government cars head to their rural homes for Christmas in the comfort of official vehicles. However, the situation may be different this year if the decision is strictly effected.

Bagiire said the two summits the country requires at least 1,200 vehicles to transport delegates to and from venues.

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“The vehicles we are targeting are those for the ministers, permanent secretaries, directors and all those entitled officers,” he said.


"All official cars will be withdrawn effective December 18," he added. 

He did not say however how the ministers and state officials will go about their official duties once the cars are withdrawn.

Uganda will host the 19th Nam summit from January 15 to 20, and the G77+China from January 21 to 23 at Speke Resort Munyonyo outside the capital Kampala. Delegates from 120 countries are expected to attend the Nam summit, while 134 countries should be represented during the second conference.