'The 600 - The soldier's story' is now on MyMovies.Africa

Monday May 17 2021
The 600 - The Soldier's Story.

A poster of the movie, "The 600 - The Soldier's Story". PHOTO | COURTESY


Award-winning Rwandan film The 600 – The Soldier's Story premiered in 190 countries last week, via a Kenyan platform, MyMovies.Africa, as the world marked the 27th Commemoration of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi.

On April 7, Rwandese began ‘Kwibuka’ — meaning “to remember,” an annual commemoration of the 1994 genocide.

The week-long official commemoration reflected on the 100 days, between April and July 1994, during which over 800,000 men, women and children, of the Tutsi and moderate Hutu, were killed.

"It (The 600 – The Soldier's Story) is an important and inspirational film, that not only honours self-sacrifice and courage, but also honours the memory of those who died during the Genocide Against the Tutsi in 1994,” says its Hollywood writer and co-executive producer, Richard Hall.

The 114-minute 2D action documentary film, by Great Blue Production, was officially released in Rwanda on July 4, 2019 — the 25th anniversary of Rwanda’s Liberation Day, when the RPA stopped the genocide and liberated the country.

Internationally acclaimed


The 600 won Best Documentary at the Winter Film Awards in New York City, Best Director for a Feature Documentary at the Golden State Film Festival and Best Feature at the Austria International Film Festival 2020.

It was directed by Laurent Basset — a renowned Hollywood cinematographer, and co-executive produced by Annette Uwizeye — a Kigali-based filmmaker keen on developing content about Africa’s cultures, history and nature. Uwizeye is the founder of A Wize Media, a production company based in Kigali.

The film is available on MyMovies.Africa in all 190 countries and territories, except the US on Kenya-made mobile-first digital cinema extension, offering securely encrypted original films (new releases, classics, features, shorts, animations, documentaries) on smart devices via the internet, in Africa and the Diaspora, as a seven-day rental and #OwnForLife purchase.