African films finding elbow room in US

Monday July 31 2023
kafa coh

A poster for Lukalia’s “Kafa Coh”. PHOTO | POOL


Audiences in North America will begin to taste authentic African tales on film after a multiplatform network announced the launch of a channel bearing African content for Western subscriber consumption.

Rushlake Media GmbH said its TidPix Fast channel will carry African film and run on several platforms across the North American market and beyond.

It will include shows “Kafa Coh” (Uganda), “Bangarang” (Kenya) and “Vindictive” (Nigeria) as well as popular series “Nairobi Law” (Kenya) and “All That Glitters” (Ghana), catering to an English-speaking audience.

Directed by Odongo Robbie, “Bangarang” (2021, 88 mins), for instance is a tale of Kenya’s post-election problems as well as poverty.

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It is about Otile, a poor ‘bodaboda’ rider who is jobless ten years since graduating with second-class honours degree in automotive engineering from a local university.


When violence erupts after the disputed Kenyan presidential elections, Otile leads other rioters in the streets of Kisumu.

To him, the chaos is the only opportunity he has to vent his anger on the government’s bad leadership, which he holds responsible for his joblessness.

On one fateful day, as Otile runs for dear life fleeing from the anti-riot police, he finds himself inside Dan’s house. The police trace him and beat everyone in the house, including Dan’s six-month-old child, Baby Joy, who dies in the scuffle. This time, Otile flees into exile for fear of being falsely implicated by the police for Baby Joy’s death.

Released in 2022, and directed by Gilbert K Lukalia, “Kafa Coh” is, on its part, a story of the fight for justice in the face of power. The fight hijacks young, naive lawyer, Sandrah Atika Alexis, who finds herself at the center of a battleground between two political heavyweights.