After all money-making schemes, now comes a Nigerian ‘baby factory’

Sunday June 12 2011

NIGERIANS ARE known for their creativity but a “baby factory” has beaten them all. Kidnapping teenage girls and turning them into baby-producing machines for sale has shocked Africa. Police stormed the Cross Foundation in Aba and rescued pregnant girls aged between 15 and 17 kept captive to reproduce for the proprietor.

Some of the girls told police they had been offered $192 for their babies depending on the baby’s sex.

The babies would later be sold for $6,400 each. Police rescued 32 pregnant girls and arrested the proprietor for interrogation over allegations that he sells the babies to be used in black magic rituals or prostitution.

Kenya’s House of shame fails integrity test

THEY CHOSE to ignore the public outcry against unilateral increase of their own salaries and perks. Now, the Kenyan parliament has been fingered as one of the most dishonest institutions of legislation in Africa.

According to Parliamentary Centre-Africa Programme report, the Kenyan parliament failed in institutional integrity which is fundamental in ensuring public belief and acceptance of decisions.

Of the seven countries assessed in Africa, Kenya’s National Assembly is the only one that could not beat the pass mark of five, scoring 4.7 out of 10. Kenya is ranked behind Uganda (7), Tanzania (6.7), Zambia (7), Ghana (6.8), Benin (7.8), and Senegal (7.2) by the document titled the African Parliamentary Index.

Reporting rape’s the bigger evil... in Sudan

SEE NO evil, report no evil. Five Sudanese journalists went on trial in Khartoum for publishing articles relating to the alleged rape of a female opposition activist by government security personnel. The Sudanese daily Al-Akbar reported the case of Safiya Ishaq, a youth activist who says she was raped repeatedly by three security officers after her arrest in Khartoum two months ago.

But that annoyed the Sudanese authorities. Rape is vile, but reporting it according to Khartoum, would cause more damage than the act itself. The principle is that so long as you don’t report rape cases, they did not happen.

Love in the time of war: Gaddafi gets support

THE ECCENTRIC Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, might revolt many in the world, but some Libyan women love him like a demi-god. 25-year old Nisrine Mansour believes that Gaddafi is a hero.

His image is on her cell phone and her ring tone is a pro-Gadaffi chant. She says: “Muammar Gadhafi is the one who opened the opportunities for us to advance. That’s why we cling to him, that’s why we love him. He gave us complete freedom as women to enter the police force, work as engineers, pilots, judges, lawyers, anything.

Mansour is oblivious of the fact that women who have gained prominence are a small minority.

Is there anything like a presidential call of nature? A toilet’s a toilet!

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe probably believes that he is immortal. A policeman was jailed for using a toilet reserved for the president. Alois Mabhunu, was arrested last month in the city of Bulawayo after he used a special presidential toilet at a trade fair.

A police court ordered his imprisonment for 10 days. But human-rights lawyers are up in arms arguing that there was no law forbidding people from using the president’s toilet. This happened when Mugabe, 87, visited Bulawayo for the opening of the annual Zimbabwe International Trade Fair

Mr Mabunhu was on duty when he was caught short and rushed to use the reserved toilet.

He was arrested several days later. Well, his charge sheet did not specify what laws he had breached or how he had compromised security. That is comrade Mugabe for you.