Tanzania destroys another 5,000 chicks from Kenya

Tuesday February 13 2018

Tanzania impounded 5,000 day-old chicks illegally imported from Kenya at the Namanga border. PHOTO | MWANANCHI | NMG

By The EastAfrican

Tanzania has burnt 5,000 one-day old chicks illegally imported through the northern Namanga border with Kenya.

The Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Livestock, Maria Mashingo, said the unnamed importer did not have the necessary documents.

Tanzania says the move to destroy the chicks is aimed at preventing the spread of bird flu.

"There is no need of destroying an entire chicken sector because of only 5,000 chicks," said Ms Mashingo.

About three months ago, Tanzania set alight some 6,400 day-old chicks worth about $6,000 impounded at the same border post, a move that was widely condemned by animal enthusiasts from both countries.

The move also escalated trade wars between the two neighbours.


Tanzania banned chick importation in 2007.