Ethiopia warns of possible terror attack in Addis

Friday September 11 2020

Officers of the Republican Guard prepare for celebrations on the eve of Ethiopian calendar’s New Year on September 10, 2020. PHOTO | AFP


Ethiopian authorities on Thursday warned of a possible “terror attack" in the capital Addis Abba.

The warning came as nearly 110 million citizens across the country began celebrations on the eve of Ethiopia's New Year.

Addis Ababa Police Commission said security agents have found pre-incident indicators of a terror attack targeting New Year celebrations in the city.

The officials, however, did not give details on the alleged attackers or targetted areas.

The authorities have temporarily banned fireworks during the festivities for security reasons.

“Everyone in Addis Ababa is prohibited from displaying fireworks during the New Year's celebrations to prevent crime,” police said.


Police also warned that violators of the ban would be arrested.

At the same time, Addis Ababa police said they have seized illegal weapons during a search operation in the capital.

Police said 180 suspects were arrested during the raid.