Tanganyika officials impeach Joseph Kabila’s brother

Thursday May 06 2021
Zoe Kabila.

Tanganyika deputy governors impeach Governor Zoe Kabila (pictured), who is Joseph Kabila's brother. PHOTO | COURTESY



The brother of former DR Congo President Joseph Kabila was voted out of the governor’s office Thursday over “his management of the province of Tanganyika, lack of respect for the Provincial Assembly institution as well as other national institutions.”

Provincial deputies in Tanganyika, a southern province in DR Congo, voted to dismiss Governor Zoé Kabila, who has served in that position for two years.

According to Cyrille Kimpu, spokesperson of the Provincial Assembly, “13 deputies participated in the plenary and voted for his dismissal.” The governor was absent during the process and did not send any representative.

The Tanganyika Assembly was divided between the pro-Tshisekedi faction and those who remained loyal to ex-president Kabila’s Common Front for the Congo (FCC).

Out of the 25 members of the Provincial Assembly of Tanganyika, only 13 participated in the impeachment vote.


Members of Tanganyika Parliament loyal to Joseph Kabila's FCC boycotted the plenary session.

Later on, Tanganyika deputies loyal to Kabila urged President Tshisekedi not to accept the impeachment.

Among the 26 DRC governors, Zoé Kabila is the only one who did not sign President Félix Tshisekedi’s Act of the Sacred Union membership.

Before Zoe’s impeachment, two staff members of the Provincial Assembly of Tanganyika, who remained loyal to Joseph Kabila, were dismissed.