Sudan registers high number of Covid-19 cases in second wave

Wednesday December 02 2020

Sudanese mourners on November 27, 2020 in Khartoum attend the funeral procession of Sudan's former prime minister Sadiq al-Mahdi who died from a coronavirus infection. Sudan has registered an increase in number of infections. PHOTO | AHMED MUSTAFA | AFP


Sudan has registered a steep increase in the number of Covid-19 cases as the country warns of even higher numbers in the second wave.

On Monday, the Director of the Health Emergency and Epidemiology, Tahani Amin, said the country has registered 2,925 confirmed coronavirus cases with 4,461 suspected cases still awaiting results from the tests.

Some 145 people died in November due to Covid-19, she said.

The government treatment centres have increased to 51 to cater for increased cases of infections.

So far, including cases from the first wave, Sudan has registered more than 17,000 people positive for Covid-19.

Dr Amin said Khartoum has the highest rate of infections at 78 percent, followed by the neighbouring state of Gezira.


She urged Sudanese to adhere to the health regulations announced by the Supreme Committee for Health Emergencies on Sunday, and keep practising good hygiene to keep the virus at bay.

Dr Amin called on all sectors of the state and the society to fulfil their responsibilities in battling the pandemic, and to apply health controls and follow up on their implementation.

She urged the Ministry of Finance to provide financial support and called for concerted efforts and logistical support to battle the virus.

The committee on Sunday announced the tightening of precautionary measures in government and private institutions, in addition to reducing the number of employees in the departments working in offices.

It said, in a statement on Sunday, that it has granted paid vacations to people aged 55 and over, and those with chronic illnesses.