Demo demands justice for slain Burkina leader Sankara

Tuesday April 24 2018
Sankara PIX

The late Thomas Sankara. He was a revolutionary and an icon of the left in Africa. FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Hundreds of demonstrators in Burkina Faso marked the 30th anniversary of Thomas Sankara's assassination by demanding truth and justice on Sunday for the assassinated revolutionary leader.

The young army captain, nicknamed "Africa's Che Guevara,", was cut down in a hail of bullets on October 15, 1987 on his way to a special cabinet meeting.

Demonstrators wearing T-shirts bearing the likeness of the anti-imperialist crusader chanted "Truth and justice for Thomas Sankara," with some waving signs that read "Shame on rotten prosecutors and corrupt judges."

Captain Sankara was assassinated along with 12 comrades in a putsch that brought his close friend Blaise Compaore to power. Compaore ruled Burkina Faso until October 2014, when he was ousted by a popular uprising.

The assassination

Mr Compaore, who is in exile in Cote d'Ivoire, is the subject of an international arrest warrant in connection with Sankara's killing.


About a dozen people have been charged in connection over the assassination including soldiers from the presidential security unit.

"No one... Burkinabe or not, who was involved in these killings should be able to escape punishment," said Bernard Sanou, president of the Thomas Sankara International Memorial Committee.