Congolese and Angolan militaries to hold joint airshow

Thursday June 03 2021
Armed Forces of DRC

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) patrol the streets of Kinshasa in a vehicle.

By Patrick Ilunga

The Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) is due to hold a joint airshow with Angolan counterparts on Friday in Kinshasa, marking rare cooperation in recent times.

FARDC spokesman Léon Richard Kasonga said on Thursday that the fighter planes will fly with Angolans’ as part of 'an “airshow” to mark military cooperation between the DRC and Angola.

“This airshow is an opportunity for our young pilots to exchange experiences with their Angolan counterparts in order to improve their performance on specialised flying machines,” said Major-General Leon-Richard Kasonga, spokesperson for the FARDC.

"We will see in the sky of Kinshasa fighter planes from the DRC with the flag of the Democratic Republic of Congo and those of the Republic of Angola fly over and land at N'djili airport to celebrate and to magnify the perfect understanding between the two sister air forces.”

Political crisis

"The army calls for calm", indicated the spokesperson of the FARDC.


Last Tuesday presidents Félix Tshisekedi and Joao Lourenço signed a military cooperation agreement was in Luanda, Angola.

President Tshisekedi's trip to Angola was in the midst of a political crisis in Kinshasa.

It was reported that the Congolese head of state "requested the support of Angola in order to face the crisis situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo".

There were also rumours of possible insurrection in the Congolese army. The spokesman for the Congolese army later warned politicians against dividing FARDC.