S. Sudan authorities arrest two people with $1.8m counterfeit cash

Wednesday January 27 2021
Counterfeit dollars.

South Sudanese authorities arrest two people believed to have counterfeited more than $1.8 million. PHOTO | FILE | NMG

By Garang Malak

The South Sudan’s Internal Security Bureau of the National Security Services in Juba has apprehended two people believed to have counterfeited more than $1.8 million.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, David John Kumuri, National Security director of Public Relations, said the suspects were arrested in separate operations.

“The two suspects were respectively apprehended in possession of a machine for counterfeiting United States dollars, as well as fake dollars amounting to 1,880,000 US dollars.

“The suspects are identified as Joseph William Deng, a South Sudanese national who was arrested in possession of 380,000 US dollars and Daniel Brown Nema, a Liberian national who was arrested in possession of a counterfeiting machine and 1,500,000 United States fake dollars,” Mr Kumuri said. 

In 2020, a South Sudanese national was arrested in Malaba at the Kenya-Uganda border with fake US dollars and counterfeit materials used to produce the illegal currency.

He was arrested by Ugandan authorities while crossing in from the Kenyan side of the border, enroute to South Sudan.