Nature series for African children to start next year

Thursday December 02 2021
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken at the launch of National Geographic Kids Africa.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken at the launch of National Geographic Kids Africa. PHOTO | COURTESY | USAID


Walt Disney Studios have announced a new educational nature series for television aimed at engaging African children. The programme, National Geographic Kids Africa, will launch next year across the continent.

It is a collaboration between Walt Disney, USAid, the US Department of State, and the Kenyan-based NGO WildlifeDirect.

“This initiative will bring children from across the continent into the conversation and, in doing so, energise the next generation of environmental advocates,” said Christine Service, the general manager at Walt Disney Company Africa.

Paula Kahumbu, wildlife ecologist and CEO of WildlifeDirect, was delighted at the news.

“National Geographic Kids Africa is more than a TV series, it’s a whole youth behaviour change campaign,” she said.

The organisers say the series will be produced entirely in Africa, by African storytellers, “with a commitment to showcase the stories, leadership and expertise of conservationists and communities from across the continent".


Walt Disney is one of the top film studios globally and National Geographic is one of the best rated channels for nature television. This is the first time that these two companies are focusing their broadcasting on the youth of Africa.

“We are deeply humbled and proud to be working with some of the world’s greatest institutions,” said Kahumbu.

WildlifeDirect has been a pioneer in nature television with its wildlife series that are shot and produced entirely in Kenya by Kenyans.

“The project also aims to support the growth and expansion of Africa’s creative sector," Kahumbu said.

Consequently, WildlifeDirect will play a key role in the series’ research, ground outreach and creative approaches while tapping into its extensive network of conservationists in Africa.

The 26-part series will be filmed primarily in East Africa with additional stories from West and southern Africa. It will air on National Geographic Wild and the Disney Channel.