Hear, see, feel power of ferocious charming Murchison

Friday January 08 2021
Murchison Falls.

The bottom of the falls where the powerful Murchison Falls pours onto a peaceful water bed. PHOTO | EDGAR R. BATTE

By Edgar R. Batte

Murchison Falls National Park is one of Uganda’s most popular tourist destinations with wildlife variety, a diversity of bird species as well as flora in its most virgin nature.

To that, you can add the picturesque landscapes. The jewel of the park is situated in the northern tourism section. It takes its name after the ferocious falls, a sight to behold as they squeeze through an eight-metre gorge, and so energetically and loudly.

The water is so powerful and beautiful. You will see, hear and feel them. Most days, you will see a rainbow lining the ravine as it splashes off water onto the viewpoint. Little wonder, it is known as the ‘Devil’s Cauldron’.

You can see the falls from the point when the Nile peacefully runs into its thunderous point as the water speedily gains speed. As it hits against the rocks, the big splashes become visible, and from that point on, the momentum goes higher and higher with a roar that descends into the gorge that is so powerful that it gives off a smoky effect.

Some non-conservationists have admired the power of the falls to an extent of mooting the idea of constructing a power dam there. The uproar from tourism sector players, and conservationists, was too loud for them to go ahead with what they described as a ‘non-informed plan’.

There are guided boat cruises manned by Uganda Wildlife Authority or private tours and travel companies in the falls near where adventurer and author Ernest Hemingway famously crashed in a light plane.