Adios Jayden... Enter Riggy G, Kenya's new meme king

Wednesday September 14 2022

Kenya's President William Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua at a past event. Mr Gachagua has been an easy target for memes thanks to his ill-fitting suits, oversized jackets, roomy single coats that are always larger than normal and floppy trousers. PHOTO | NMG


You could easily argue, the unrivaled King of memes in Kenya, former President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday did not only hand over the instruments of power to President William Ruto.

Fondly referred to as ‘Jayden’ a nickname bestowed on him by Kenyans on Twitter (KOT), President Kenyatta ‘technically’ also relinquished his throne as the King of memes, to the new king, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, christened Riggy G by KOT.

For many Kenyans online, Mr Kenyatta had been very useful to them whenever memes mattered most.

His easygoing nature, made him a target of memes anytime, anywhere, any day. Every aspect of his life from dressing, public speeches, to body language would be subjected to the scrutiny of a microscope. Many are times they ended up creating hilarious memes.

At some point in March 2019, the president even quit Twitter stating "he couldn’t keep up with the trolls."

“Hata Twitter niliondoka huko niliona hiyo kitu ni bure ni matusi tu. Unakaa hapo unasoma hulali. Afadhali nilale nipige story na mama, nilale niamke niende kufanya kazi.” He said amid laughter during a BBI event.


With Uhuru out of office, Kenyans were yesterday relieved to find a replacement in the frame of an enigmatic and explosive Mr Gachagua and were quick to point out that indeed, they will find him as useful as was Kenyatta whenever memes are concerned.

Mr Gachagua already has enough memes credits to himself but you could say he started his reign pretty well when he stuttered during his swearing-in, something that amused Kenyans and had him trend for the better part of the day with all manner of memes created from his oath-taking.

“Mr Gachagua almost swore himself. Mr Riggy G will surely give us top-tier content.” Comedian Eddie Butita reacted.

Mr Gachagua's fast rise to social media fame is all credited to his poor sense of fashion something he did admit a few days ago claiming “he did not have time to buy new clothes” during the campaign period.

From ill-fitting suits to oversized jackets, roomy single coats that are always larger than normal, floppy trousers have been the subject of trolls. Anything Mr Gachagua dons, KOT have always easily found them faulty. 

Following his nomination as the UDA presidential running mate in May, Mr Gachagua appeared in public donning oversize suits and many appeared to wonder if the deputy president shares the same tailor with Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni.

Some even offered to help fix his wardrobe. “I know of a place we can get slim-fit suits that will make you look stylish and people will start seeing you as a deputy president,” a user on Twitter wrote.

Once bullish, stating that his wife Dorcas was happy with how he cleans up, Mr Gachagua has now succumbed to KOT pressure.

While admitting his fashion is a mess, he also admitted that he is in pretty bad shape and has started hitting the gym.

“Going forward I will be back to the gym. I know many people have been raising questions about how I dress and I want to tell them I had no luxury to think about dressing. I was caring about my life, I was in danger and had to look over my shoulder to make sure that I live to take care of my family.” Mr Gachugua told journalists at his Karen home on Tuesday ahead of the swearing-in.

He added; “I am in a pretty bad shape. In another three months, I will be in very good shape and people will love it.”

As he strives to make Kenyans happy with a new look in three months, KOT are grateful he perfectly filled the void left by Uhuru. If they won’t catch Mr Gachagua again over his wanting fashion sense, then there will be something else.

That’s a sure bet.