Cells to receive more staff and funds

Friday April 13 2018

The government plans to send more officers to cells to improve service delivery. FILE PHOTO | NATION


The Rwandan government plans to send more officers to cells to improve service delivery to members of the public.

Currently, a cell is only served by two workers, and gets no specific budget allocation while a district and a sector have 85 and 15 employees respectively.

Most key public services are offered at the sectors and districts, which subject citizens to long travels when seeking government services.

Citizens have also relying on online platforms to seek services instead of travelling long distances to sector.

The proposed restructuring of local government units has been occasioned by complaints about inefficiencies at the cells.

The proposal, which could see more personnel and resources sent to the cells, recently endorsed by President Paul Kagame at the just-concluded retreat of local government officials in Kigali.


The government hopes the restructuring will not only improve service delivery, but also facilitate better implementation of government programmes.

This comes few days after local officials including district mayors were recently put on the spot over failure to tackle issues such as malnutrition, poor hygiene, school drops outs and jiggers despite having institutions, policies, strategies and resources at their disposal.

“There is no reason whatsoever you can sit with the citizens who are attacked by jiggers and children not going to school. If all these happen and you do nothing it is absolute irresponsibility as leaders,” President Kagame said.

The ministry of local government is currently studying the proposal, which will address the staffing gaps and the appropriate budget allocations.