Wandulu uses his art to celebrate women

Saturday March 12 2016

Timothy Wandulu and some of his art pieces. PHOTO | ANDREW I KAZIBWE

Timothy Wandulu and some of his art pieces. PHOTO | ANDREW I KAZIBWE 

By Andrew I Kazibwe

Timothy Wandulu of Inema Art Centre in Kacyiru, is famous for Women in Pink, a Breast Cancer awareness campaign for which his exhibition centred in October last year.

He however feels he wasn’t convinced that his message of sensitisation was well digested by society, which explains why his newly established studio Concept in Kacyiru, is adorned with works from Women in Pink.

Even when it created rumours that he had distanced himself from fellow artists, he insists that this move is aimed at connecting him with more of his colleagues and to create a homely atmosphere for artists from all galleries, to interact in.

Is this all You want?, a 60 cm by 70 cm portrait of a naked lady is one to ponder on. Made on canvas, with an asymmetrical use of the pallet knife forming a unique texture, the piece of mix media work from newspaper pieces and acrylic paints says a lot about how a woman is perceived in society.

Though the artist throws this debate back to the public, he is inspired through his peers’ perspective towards girls and women, which he finds distasteful, even with advancement in society. Imagine us Trees, also on canvas is inspired by shadows, Wandulu creates images of unique patterns linking trees to humanity.

But Wandulu admits that he is still sceptical about the society’s attitude towards some of his works, as he says most might term them offensive.


Though seen as thriving, Rwanda’s visual art sector might be seen as more of an income generating one by society. “Much as we need the money, exhibitions aren’t at most projected towards art sales and purchases, we still have a lot of sensitisation to do before narrowing our focus on selling,” he explains.