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Rayon threatens to haul Losciuto to Zurich

Friday October 3 2014

By BRIAN MUGUME, RT Special Correspondent

Rayon Sports is contemplating reporting Jean Francois Losciuto to world football governing body Fifa for breach of contract after he dumped the club for a Burkina Faso side.

Last week, the Belgian coach left the Nyanza-based club for Ouagadougou, where he signed a four-year-deal with Yennenga ASFA. He was appointed to coach the Blues in June.

Losciuto said he had what it takes to keep his new club at its current level. “I’m used to working under pressure because I have gone through it in all the clubs where I have worked,” he said. “I manage it well and there is no problem.”

However, Rayon management claimed that Losciuto duped them. Club president Theogene Ntampaka told Rwanda Today: “Losciuto asked for permission to attend to family matters in Belgium but, in actual sense, he had gotten a new club.

“He initially denied that he had signed for another club, claiming he had only travelled to Burkina Faso to finalise a previous project with the club.”

The coach then even denied Rayon’s claims, calling his link to ASFA-Yennenga baseless gossip.

Ntampaka added: “We don’t have an option but take the case to Fifa because this is a breach of contract. There is no way you can sign for another club yet you have another contract running.

“According to our agreement, Losciuto has to pay $8,000. He penned another contract then tendered in his resignation a week later.”

Losciuto replaced Luc Eymael at Rayon following his compatriot’s departure in May after Ferwafa banned him for two years.