Events to jot down in your social calendar

Rwanda Today looks at some of the major ones to look out for.

Models at a previous Kigali Fashion Week. PHOTO | ANDREW I KAZIBWE | NATION 

The year promises to be full of social events and Rwanda Today looks at some of the major ones to look out for.

Mashariki African Film Festival

The festival, in its fourth edition and started in 2015, aims to nurture African films through public screenings in Kigali and workshops for local filmmakers. It will take place in March and will showcase films from the region.

Collective Rw- Week of Fashion

It brings together local and international designers such as Rwanda’s House of Tayo, Inzuki, Sonia Mugabo, Haute Baso, Moshions and Amizero. It also features talented acts and models. The annual platform seeks to nurture local, regional and international fashion designers and models.

Diner en Blanc

This was event was last held in 2016 and has been held in over 80 cities. It makes a return to the country this year. The unique event, which features a white theme, is great for those looking to wine and dine while listening to live classical music performances by local and regional musicians.

Kigali Fashion Week

For one week, local, regional and international fashion designers and models will showcase outfits to fashion lovers. The event, which returns in July, will feature African and international fashion designers from countries like Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Belgium, France, USA and Germany.

Kigali Up Music Festival

This festival stands out as a leading platform for live music by local, regional and international artistes. Now in its ninth year, it will feature musicians, poets, deejays, visual artists, food and drinks.

Past events have featured acts from Canada, France, USA, South Africa, Switzerland, Belgium Senegal, Brazil, France, Congo, Mali, Kenya, Burundi, Uganda among others. The two-day event will showcase a surprise guest act.

A performance at the Kigali Up Music Festival. PHOTO | ANDREW I KAZIBWE | NATION 

Ubumuntu Arts Festival

The fourth edition will be held at the Kigali Genocide Memorial Amphitheatre from July 13-15. The festival features music, theatre, contemporary dance, artists’ workshops and more. Participants will come from all over the world.

One of the performances at last year's Ubumuntu Arts. PHOTO | ANDREW I KAZIBWE | NATION 

Kigali Arts Festival

The event, in its fourth edition, will bring together painters, sculpturists and fashion designers, who will showcase and sell their items to the public. The festival, which takes place in July, is also great for children as it offers activities like face painting, swimming, games and art lessons.

Meet and Meat

Following its successful premiere last year, this event is expected to return in August. It enables people to socialise as they sample different types of meat cooked in various ways.

I am Kigali Festival

The event aims to bring together people from various backgrounds to celebrate music by both local and international artistes.

FESPAD and Umuganura

The Pan-African Dance Festival (FESPAD) provides a platform for celebrating African dance. Umuganura celebrates the annual harvest and rewards national efforts in various sectors, especially in agriculture.

The week-long celebrations, which take place towards the middle of the year, include tours in various districts in the country.

Rwanda Film Festival

Founded in 2005, the event also referred to as the “Hillywood festival” aims to bring together local, regional and international filmmakers with audiences to celebrate film.

The week-long event, which returns in July, features film screenings, workshops and an award ceremony in Kigali and other districts around the country. So far, the festival has featured over 1,500 films from over 65 countries.

Kigali International Comedy Festival

Following its start last year, the event — founded by the Comedy Knights — features promising talent from the country, region and globally, who are eager to entertain.

Kigali International Comedy Festival promises a return this year. PHOTO | ANDREW I KAZIBWE | NATION 

The previous show featured comedians from Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, Japan and DR Congo. The three-day festival will take place in November.

Instagram Party

The first edition was held last year and featured Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu. It also attracted several Rwandan musicians and other city socialites.

The event is solely dedicated to the celebration of the Instagram social platform. Following the success of the first edition, the party will return in October.

Rwanda Christian Film Festival

The three-day event dedicated to awarding local, regional and international Christian films returns in December. The festival has previously featured in countries like Kenya, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa and USA. It screens and rewards some of the best Christians films from different countries.

East African Nights of Tolerance

This annual event is dedicated to nurturing contemporary dance through workshops and live performances. The previous six editions were held in Kigali and featured participants from Rwanda, Belgium, Cameroon, Uganda, DR Congo, Tanzania, France, Cote d’Ivoire and Kenya. It will be held in December.

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