Buregeya presents new visual art

Tuesday February 27 2018

A viewer at the A Night to the Moon Kigali exhibition in Kigali, Rwanda.

A viewer at the A Night to the Moon Kigali exhibition in Kigali, Rwanda. PHOTO | ANDREW KAZIBWE 

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With local art becoming more diverse, visual artist Innocent Buregeya seeks to make a contribution to the country’s art scene. Using fire, wood and some natural colours, his works not only grab one’s attention, but pique curiosity about what inspires the artist.

Dubbed A Night to the Moon, the exhibition — being held at Kigali’s Buregeya Art Studio — showcases the artist’s use of natural material and eco-friendly products.

The visual artist is known for his innovativeness in recycling metallic and plastic cans, wire, rubber, among other products, into mixed media art works. In his latest collection he uses fire, wood and natural colours.

“I wanted to create unique pieces that would inspire people to meditate,” said Buregeya.

The artist said he believes people are attracted to authenticity and eco-friendly art, which his works try to portray.

For over two months, Buregeya has been organising his exhibition. He visited Muhanga district and interacted with women artisans, who taught him a lot about natural colours.

Unlike his previous exhibition dubbed Conscious Mind, which was all on canvas and he also used water colours. In his new pieces, Buregeya uses wood as the major medium.

He skilfully burns or roasts wood to create abstract figures. The dark-shaped images depict personalities or images.

Over fifty artworks adorn the gallery’s walls and the artist — who belonged to Uburanga Art Centre — tackles themes like space, women and parenting, while also paying tribute to legendary icon Bob Marley.

In other pieces, he uses natural paints made from pure plant powder to paint semi-abstract images. Other paintings are a fusion of both natural and acrylic paints.

Buregeya practised his technique while visiting Juru Park in Nyarutarama, Kigali.

On display is a collection of six oval works. These abstract works, fully made on wood, emulate the shape of the moon, but each represent different inspirations.

One piece titled Strength Motherhood and which measures 20cm by 20cm is of figurative images of women.

Golden Pots, a 35cm by 45cm painting is also similar in theme. It features four abstract images of women, holding babies on their back and carrying pots onto their heads.