Don’t muddy the Nile waters

Saturday June 22 2013

The region has avoided opening yet another battlefront following the decision by Ethiopia and Egypt to engage in talks over the Renaissance Dam.

Egypt, which had been beating the war drums for almost a week, has now come to the realisation that dialogue is the only way to deal with shared resources.

It is a historical fact that without the Nile waters, Egypt cannot survive, as the Nile supports the livelihoods of millions of Egyptians as well as comprising their principal source of water.

But Egypt must take cognisance of the new Nile Treaty of 2010 that allows other countries greater use of the Nile waters. Ethiopia and Uganda, being the main sources of the Nile, must be allowed to exploit their God-given resource to uplift the welfare of their people.

Besides, all the 11 Nile riparian countries must now utilise the waters for the betterment of their people, and this cannot happen through threats and if Egypt refuses to sign the treaty without the option of negotiations.