Reconsider Thai Animal Donation - The East African

Reconsider Thai Animal Donation

Monday January 31 2005

WE ARE deeply concerned by the Kenyan government’s proposal to export more than 300 wild animals from Kenya to a zoo in Thailand. Lions, rhinos, giraffes, lions, leopards, spotted hyenas and birds will have to be taken out from their natural environment to be jailed for life sentences in zoos in order to entertain the Thai public.

The prosperity of your tourist industry is based on the possibility given to the tourists to see wild animals living freely in their natural environment. This prosperity can’t be exported at the wild animals contempt.

At the last CITES Conference, Kenya was considered to be the leading and responsible African voice of the wildlife conservation. Three months later, you don’t hesitate to capture and transfer wild animals (some of them belong to the threaten species list). This appears to represent a dramatic change in direction.

No zoo in the world can meet wild animals' needs. That’s the reason why we ask you to keep protecting your great and unique country’s wildlife heritage. We urge and most sincerely and respectfully request the President of Kenya to reconsider exporting these animals to Thailand.

President, One Voice

I Refer to your report "Kenya Gives 300 Wild Animals to Thailand Zoo", The EastAfrican, January 24 - 30.

Your reporter quoted only one representative of the so-called animal welfare organisations but he went ahead to implicitly condemn the prospective translocation of animals through editorial bias with statements like "animal welfare organisations" and "wildlife conservationists". This was meant to give the false impression that the translocation faces widespread opposition, which cannot be deduced from the stand of the Born Free Foundation alone.

With due respect, your reputable journal has been unable to separate objective conservation debate from the personal bias and prejudices of your reporter, John Mbaria, who has openly taken a stand as a mouthpiece of animal welfare ideologues to whom conservation is preservation and cheap environmentalism.



Please, don't export animals to Thailand.

Buenos Aires