It’s Queer

Monday November 2 2009


Homo-sex is all the rage
According to the press.
It’s everywhere, on every page
And causing some distress.

Prof Makau Mutua thinks
Our Constitution should
Protect the rights of Men in Pink
For everybody’s good.

His argument is this, that each
Minority deserves
The rights that all of us should seek,
So not be labelled ‘Pervs’.

Charles Onyango-Obbo’s take
Is similar: he says
We should, instead, be slamming rape,
Not castigating gays.

The Church seems undivided like
Two loving Civil Partners:
It won’t have wooftahs, poofs and dykes
Corrupting this, ‘Our’ Kenya.

The media seems equally
To have its mind made up:
These ‘newlyweds’ are freaky queens,
Impossibly corrupt.

The Law (pre-1963)
Is clear that it’s a crime
To stick your willy nilly-ly
Up other men’s behinds.

The strength of our democracy
Is this, that Yes, We Can
Debate the acceptability
Of what each Kenyan man

Or woman may decide to do
In their consenting homes.
More deeply, it’s the strength to say
Let’s leave these folk alone.

Stephen Partington, [email protected]