Tanzania slams US embassy over security alert

Friday June 21 2019

A screen grab of the US embassy's security alert on Twitter. Tanzania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs ON June 20, 2019 said the US Embassy in Dar es Salaam did not follow procedure when it issued the alert. SCREEN GRAB | TWITTER


Tanzania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday warned the US Embassy in Dar es Salaam against issuing alarming alerts without following procedure.

In a statement posted on the US embassy’s Twitter account on June 19, 2019, the US warned its citizens to take precautions over rumours of impending attacks in a tourist area in Dar es Salaam.

On Thursday evening, Tanzania’s Foreign Affairs ministry issued a statement saying permanent secretary Dr Faraji Kasidi Mnyepe held consultations with Ms Janine Young, a representative of the US ambassador, over the alert.  

According to the statement, the US diplomat was summoned to explain the alert.

Tanzania says the security alert was issued without following the correct procedure, and claimed that it was targeted at the general public and not US citizens only.

Dr Mnyepe said the alert created panic and fear in Tanzania and among tourists who plan to visit the country.


“The ministry reminds the US embassy the importance of observing international diplomacy procedures and the country’s laws,” the statement says.

The government said there is no confirmed security threat in Tanzania, and its defence and security organs are on high alert.

On June 19, 2019, Tanzania Police allayed fears over the security alert, saying they are aware of the reports and were monitoring the situation.

Home Affairs Minister Kangi Lugola assured the public that there was no cause for worry.

According to BBC reports, chief administrator for Dar es Salaam Paul Makonda also dismissed rumours of a possible attack.

He accused the US of not following proper procedure, and added that the US was "supposed to go through the proper channels to address the issue".

-Additional reporting by BBC