Rwanda Military court to conduct a public hearing on suspect criminal soldiers

Wednesday April 08 2020

It is alleged that soldiers and night community policing personnel who were on duty of enforcing the lockdown due to the coronavirus molested and raped women and girls. PHOTO | URUGWIRO


The Military Court in Rwanda will try soldiers alleged to have raped and molested women and other residents in the Kigali City suburb of Nyarutarama. 

According to the announcement by Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF) last week, “the court hearing shall be held in public at the scene of the alleged crimes,” the announcement said. 

It is alleged that soldiers and night community policing personnel who were on duty of enforcing the lockdown due to the coronavirus molested and raped women and girls.

RDF spokesperson Lt Col Innocent Munyengango told The East African; “It has never happened before, this is the first time the military court is going to try soldiers at the crime scene,” Lt Col Munyengango said, supplementing the announcement which assured the public that “justice will take its course.” 

Five soldiers have been detained as Military Prosecution continues the “investigations into allegations of criminal misconduct against citizens,” but it’s not known yet when they will be arraigned.

The incidents occurred within the two weeks of lockdown, with alleged soldiers sneaking into homes in Nyarutarama, beating residents and sexually molesting women. 


One woman told the media that her husband was forced out of their house then she was kicked by a soldier, and raped inside her house.