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Thursday May 16 2019

Sudanese protesters are gathered during a sit-in outside military headquarters in Khartoum on May 15, 2019.

Sudanese protesters are gathered during a sit-in outside military headquarters after clashing with security forces in Khartoum on May 15, 2019. Sudan's military rulers May 15, 2019 suspended crucial talks with protesters on installing civilian rule, as protesters vowed to press on with the sit-in. PHOTO | AFP 

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• Kenya sells third $2.1bn Eurobond

Kenya has sold a $2.1 billion Eurobond, the third in five years, despite rising concern over its ability to service its debt burden.

The National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich says the money raised will be used to finance the budget and repay $750 million 2014 Eurobond that is due to mature in June.

The inaugural Eurobond was in June 2014 where $2.8 billion was borrowed. The government went back for another Eurobond last year where it netted $2 billion.


• Social media shut in Eritrea


Social media services have been blocked in Eritrea, with people now sending messages via VPN. The reason for the shutdown is unclear, but speculation is that the government has blocked social media sites to prevent people from using them to organise protests that could disrupt Independence Day celebrations on May 24.


• Burundi court seizes assets of opposition figures

Burundi's chief justice has ordered the seizure of property belonging to jailed army officers and exiled opposition activists accused of supporting a supposed coup plot against President Pierre Nkurunziza.

The order targets dozens of government critics accused of spearheading a failed challenge against Nkurunziza in May 2015, when he announced he would run for a controversial third term.


• Militants kill 28 Nigerien soldiers in an ambush near the Mali border

Militants killed 28 Nigerien soldiers in an ambush near the border with Mali, an army spokesman said. Several jihadist groups are active in the area, but are most active in neighbouring Mali, where French troops intervened in 2013 to prevent them from advancing on the capital. Militants killed four US soldiers at the same place in 2017.


• Sudan protesters vow to press on with sit-in despite suspension of talks

Sudanese protesters have vowed to press on with a sit-in despite being targeted in fresh violence. Army generals and protest leaders had been expected to come to an agreement on Wednesday over the make-up of a new body to govern Sudan for three years.

But in the early hours of Thursday, the chief of Sudan's ruling military council, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, announced the talks had been suspended for 72 hours and demanded that protesters dismantle roadblocks in Khartoum and "stop provoking security forces".