Nigeria's killers confess to selling 31 human heads

Thursday October 18 2018


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Eight suspected ritual killers arrested by the Nigerian police have confessed to selling 31 human heads to some yet-to-be identified prominent personalities.

The suspects in Ilorin North Central Kwara State also confessed to selling body parts for rituals and spiritual powers

They were busted by a Joint Investigative team, following the arrest of the principal suspect, in whose house police found 11 human skulls, human bones, hairs and powder suspected to be grinded human bones and charms.

On arrival

The police spokesman, Mr Jimoh Moshood, said the Joint Investigation Team on arrival in Ilorin, obtained a search warrant and moved into the house of the principal suspect.

“Further investigations led to the arrest of seven other suspects," he added.

The principal suspect, the police spokesman said further, confessed to have received 20 human skulls exhumed from the Ilorin Community Central Burial ground.

Meanwhile, the police have dismissed an officer who aided a suspected ritual killer to escape in Port Harcourt in the oil-rich Rivers State.

Was discovered

Rivers State Police Commissioner Zaki Ahmed said investigations indicated that the culprit aided the escape of the suspect.

The suspect was arrested for allegedly raping and killing an eight-year-old girl in Rivers State.

Mr Ahmed said that after thorough investigations, it was discovered that a duty officer “carried a premeditated action and aided the escape of the suspect”.