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Monday October 7 2019

The site of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

The site of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in Guba, North West of Ethiopia on November 24, 2017. Egypt and Ethiopia failed to agree on the timelines for filling up the dam with Ethiopia wanting a tripartite negotiation involving Sudan and Egypt calling for third party mediation and a political forum over the deadlock. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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  • Freed Cameroon leader seeks electoral reforms

Cameroon opposition leader Maurice Kamto has said he will intensify his fight against electoral fraud and injustice in the country.

Prof. Kamto, the president of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, was freed on Saturday together with more than 300 activists in an amnesty President Paul Biya hoped will cool political temperatures in the country.

Prof. Kamto said: "The release is not the end of battle because we have not achieved anaything from what we are demanding."

  • Ethiopia, Egypt clash at Nile waters meeting

Ethiopia has accused Egypt of having predetermined positions that disrupt "the spirit of cooperation" in resolving the long standing dispute on the filling of the Grand Ethiopia Renaissance dam.


Following a tripartite meeting that also included Sudan in Khartoum on October 4-5, Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said technical consultation under the National Independent Scientific Research Group of the three countries should be allowed to find a resolution to outstanding issues.

Egypt proposed that the filling of Gerd be subjected to a political process and third party mediation, unilateral stances that made the meeting close without any way forward.

  • Exit polls show Islamist inspired party leading Tunisia election

Exit polls showed an established Islamist-inspired Ennahdha party leading that of a jailed business tycoon in Tunisia's legislative polls Sunday, weeks after a presidential election that reshaped the country's post-Arab Spring political landscape.

After polling closed Ennahdha and Qalb Tounes (Heart of Tunisia) led by detained business tycoon Nabil Karoui both claimed victory.

Two exit polls, however, showed Ennahdha in the lead with 40 seats out of 217, while Qalb Tounes was in second, with one pollster giving it 35 seats, and another 33.

Preliminary official results are expected from Wednesday and the two parties have ruled out forming an alliance; serving up fluid politics that could end up in a second poll.

  • Mali president dismisses coup speculation

Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita on Sunday rejected as speculation talk of a military coup after recent jihadist attacks left dozens of soldiers dead near the border with Burkina Faso.

Keita said lessons would be learned after 38 soldiers were killed in two attacks last week, a death toll that observers say is probably an underestimate.

"No military coup will prevail in Mali, let it be said, And I don't think this is on the agenda at all and cannot worry us," he said in a statement on Sunday.

The UN mission MINUSMA said on Sunday one peacekeeper was killed and five others were wounded when a roadside bomb exploded in the northeast of the country.

  • Rwanda security forces kill 19 'terrorists'

Rwandan security forces killed 19 "terrorists" blamed for a weekend attack that left 14 dead near the Volcanoes National Park, famous for its mountain gorilla sanctuary.

The police said five terrorists were arrested after they attacked people in their homes with knives, machetes and stones.

Tourism officials insisted Saturday that all visitors to the park were safe after the attack in Musanze district, near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Zimbabwe raises petrol prices by more than 25 per cent

The price of petrol went up again in Zimbabwe on Sunday, this time by more than 25 percent, the latest blow in a country battling out-of-control inflation.

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulation Authority (ZERA) announced the price of diesel would immediately rise to 16.64 Zimbabwe dollars ($1), while petrol would go up to 14.97 Zimbabwe dollars.

At those prices, a full tank of petrol costs more than a month's salary for a cook or a maintenance worker, and more than half a month's salary for a doctor.

  • Mauritius sets polls for November 7

Mauritius will hold legislative elections on November 7, Prime Minister Pravind Kumar Jugnauth said in a radio address Sunday, calling for the dissolution of parliament.

The polls for five-year terms in the 70-seat body are expected to lead to horse-trading to find a majority coalition made up of members of several parties.

The last elections in December 2014 led to a coalition between Lepep (The People) and Jugnauth's Socialist Militant Movement (MSM).