Digital Editions

Q: What is The EastAfrican Digital version?

A: The digital version of The EastAfrican is an exact soft copy of the Newspaper. The Layout, the Advertisements and page numbering is exactly the same.

Q: Where do I download it from?

A: The digital papers are available from Newsstand Newspaper Vendors, under Africa publications.  NewsStand delivers digital copies of newspapers and magazines-in the same format as the print issue-- to customers around the globe.

Q: How do I purchase the paper and what options do I have?

A: Simply select the paper you want to purchase (The EastAfrican). There are 3 subscription options.

  • 1 Month (get 3 issues free)                 $ 20.25  
  • 3 Months (get 12 issues free)               $ 58.50  
  • Current Issue:                                     $ 0.75    

There are varying subscription options as well as single copy and back issue offerings. You can purchase with your credit cards or use your personal and private NewsStand eWallet.


Q: Why do I have to log-in

A: You will have to register in order to read and download the digital paper. This is a one time process that gets your address and enables you to make payments for your subscription.

Q: Do I need a reader to download the digital paper?

A:  Yes. You can download the free NewsStand Reader software from the site and use it as your tool for downloading, reading, and managing your publications.

Q: How will I receive my issues?

A: Your publications are delivered to your computer over the Internet. You'll use the free NewsStand Reader for delivery, reading, and managing your publications. You can even have your deliveries arrive automatically, overnight.

Q: How do I download the newspaper?

A: Its 4 easy steps

  • Connect to the Internet.
  • Dowload the newspaper to your computer. It's exactly the same as the printed edition.
  • Disconnect from the Internet.
  • Read the newspaper anytime, at your leisure.

Q: How is this better than reading newspaper and magazine websites?

A: Think about your favorite newspaper or magazine. The presentation of the content is carefully organized for you in ways that make the reading experience pleasurable and fulfilling. It's presented so you can scan your items of interest, since you don't know in advance everything you want to see. Signposts that readers use include: size of headlines, subheadlines and consistent location of types of content. NewsStand digital publications provide the same signposts and user comfort as their printed counterparts, with additional interactive features such as hotlinks and embedded graphics. Try a sample now.

Q: I have a laptop. Can I take it on a plane and still read my Newspaper?

A: Of course. NewsStand free Reader software downloads the entire publication to your computer. You read offline anytime you like and anywhere!

Q: When I'm short on time, I need a way to search for the information I need. Can NewsStand provide that capability?

A: Unlike printed publications, you can quickly search your NewsStand publications in a number of ways. You can search the publication you are currently reading. You can search the all the publications that you have downloaded on your computer. And, finally, with our watch list, you can search publications as they are downloading. You get a list of hits with issue and page numbers. A click will automatically open that publication and page, so you can read exactly what you need