GALLERY: Ugandan senior artists showcase their work

Saturday August 24 2019

'Portal' by Jessica Atieno. PHOTO | FRANK

'Portal' by Jessica Atieno. PHOTO | FRANK WHALLEY | NMG 

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Five celebrated Ugandan artists — Lilian Nabulime, Sanaa Gateja, Fred Mutebi, Stephen Gwoktcho and Taga Nuwagaba—are holding a group exhibition at Afriart Gallery on 7th Street in Industrial Area, Kampala.

Titled Seniority First, the exhibition focuses on the mediums and techniques they have been using over the years.

Master of woodcut printmaking Mutebi is showing Omugole Africa, which depicts a bride lying on a bed on her wedding day.

His other woodcut prints include Omugole Mu Bogole, Abagole 1, Abagole 2, and Ladder of Life.

“I use the bride to symbolise Africa. Africa, who is a bride, is loved and abused by many yet is still standing.

Now she is facing neo-colonialism from China. African states are now falling over each other for money from China,” Mutebi says.


Gwoktcho is an artist and painter, and a senior lecture at Makerere University School of Industrial and Fine Arts.

He draws most of his images from African lifestyles. He depicts the continent’s intricate flora, fauna, culture, heritage, history and people through paintings.

On show are his oil on canvas pieces Reflection and Soft Politics.

Gateja, a painter, mixed-media artist and jewellery designer is widely known for making beads from discarded paper.

On display are his beads on backcloth works Power (pictured above), Immigrant and Together.

Nabulime, who is famous for wood carvings and clay works, is displaying her terracotta series of various dimensions titled Rumour Mongers.

Nuwagaba, an oil and watercolour painter has pieces like Fruit Fiesta in Kasubi, of fresh fruit vendors on wheelbarrows on Kampala’s streets.

His other watercolour paintings include Nezikokolima, The Royal Mile, Corn Vendor, Old Kampala Minarat and The Twin Towers of Konge.

In this collection Nuwagaba captures historical buildings and other landmarks in Kampala through his paintings, before they are replaced with new buildings.

The exhibition opened on August 10, and will run till September 30.