Tanzania's young artists

Saturday February 10 2018

One of the paintings from the Rainy Nights series, by Dullah Wise. PHOTO | CAROLINE ULIWA | NMG

One of the paintings from the Rainy Nights series, by Dullah Wise. PHOTO | CAROLINE ULIWA | NMG 

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Fresh perspectives on life were and are on show by young artists at three exhibitions in Dar es Salaam.

The first exhibition was held from December 9, 2017 to January 23, 2018 at the Alliance Francaise in Dar es Salaam.

In an impressionist painting by Dullah Wise also known as Abdullah K. Omar, pupils are looking at a street in the centre of Dar es Salaam. Wise, 27, from Zanzibar, uses oil on canvas. His Rainy Nights series is of scenes in Dar es Salaam and Stone Town, featuring reflections of light on water.

“Last year, around May, I came to Dar for another exhibition and it was during the rainy season. As I was coming back from work, I was mesmerised by the city at night and thought of sharing this experience on canvas,” Wise said.

He has been painting professionally for six years; he learnt his craft at evening classes at Old Fort in Zanzibar.

In A Great Force in Directing, by Innocent Mwaipungu, a mother is with her children. The painting aptly conveys the message of power dynamics in a parent-child relationship.

A youth of about 16 is selling barbecued maize corn by the roadside, with sunset hues blanketing the traffic in a photograph by Andrew S. Munuwa. 

A second exhibition featured works by Innocent Mwaipungu at the Goethe Institut. It ran from January 30 to February 9.

“I learned to paint from my father when I was in primary school. He was a painter, though he did it more as a hobby. One of my mentors is Masoud Kibwana.
A year ago, I met him at Nafasi Artspace. He has really helped me to grow my talent,” Mwaipungu said.

The third exhibition, Mtaani Maskani, will run until next month at the DARCH centre in Dar es Salaam. It features Andrew S Munwa’s works along with Tanzanian poet Loyce Gayo’s stanzas. Munwa, 23, paints the city and its people. This is his second exhibition.

“I met Loyce at a creative meet and greet called The Society last year. I also work near where she lives and we take walks in the evening.