Plan, create, and find your new balance

Thursday May 14 2020

Home office.

When working from home, set up a home office. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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When the Tanzanian government first announced the closure of educational facilities, some employees took the cue and also started working from home. It was a relief at first, but now we're adjusting to a new way of life.

So I got a few tips from a friend who was working from home before coronanavirus.

Plan your day: Write down your work schedule hour by hour, slot in group meetings, normal and online calls for consulting, and set deadlines for every item.

Create a home office: I work best in my bedroom so I set up a small table at the corner near the power socket, where I keep my laptop, notebooks, pens and earphones.

Focus: House chores are waiting, plus, there are a lot of good movies to catch up on, not to mention the intrusive notifications from social media sites. Things outside your control will include the noise of children playing outside, or neighbours playing loud music. Learn to work with the distractions as with any other familiar noise you had to deal with in the office.

Take a break: This can be either for lunch or just to stretch.


Find your balance and stay safe.