FREQUENT FLYER: Minimal accessories make it easier to go through airport security

Tuesday February 25 2020

Makeda Mahadeo.

Makeda Mahadeo is a Kigali-based Rwandan-Jamaican media personality, DJ and content creator. PHOTO | COURTESY 

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Makeda Mahadeo is a Kigali-based Rwandan-Jamaican media personality, DJ, content creator and a judge at East Africa’s Got Talent. She is passionate about culture, travel, music and fashion. She frequently flies for work within the region and abroad.


Are you a relaxed or an anxious traveller?

I would say I am 50/50 because it depends on how prepared I am. Sometimes, I tend to get a bit stressed out because I have a bad habit of waiting until the last minute to pack. But otherwise I am usually excited about travelling and once I have checked in at an airport I relax.


How often do you fly?


It depends on the time of the year and what projects I am working on. It ranges between once every two to three months to once a week.


How do you prepare for a flight?

I usually prepare by making sure I go through my mental checklist of flight essentials like my charger, passport and phone. Then depending on the flight, I also check in early, online and choose my seat.


What is your preferred airport?

I guess if I really had to choose I would say I like the Istanbul Airport in Turkey for layovers. It has adequate lounges with enough seating and shopping options. It is pretty comfortable.


What do you normally do on long flights?

I watch movies and sleep most of the time. Sometimes I will read a book. But during night flights, I always feel like I am disturbing my fellow passengers by turning on my reading light.


Are you particular about flying either business or economy?

I am not particular about it at all. I am pretty used to flying economy, but obviously business class is better when you can afford it.


Do you have any peculiar in-flight routines?

None at all.


How do you dress for a flight?

I always try to wear my cosiest clothes on a flight. Nothing tight or that can be uncomfortable. I always make a point of carrying minimal accessories so I can get through the airport security easier and faster.


What are your five things to take on a long flight?

I normally take my mobile phone, charger, neck pillow, a book and a little bag of toiletries to freshen up when I arrive at my destination.


Do you prefer taking a taxi or to be dropped off and picked up by a friend or family member?

It is always nice to be picked up by a friend or a family member when possible. But I don’t mind taking a cab at all. I really have no preference.