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Kanye West, Kim Kardashian in Uganda

Saturday October 13 2018

Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian

Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian in New York. The couple is on a private visit in Uganda. PHOTO | AFP 

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American rapper Kanye West and his wife, reality TV star Kim Kardashian, are in Uganda on a holiday visit.

They are said to have arrived in Entebbe on Friday and then flew, by helicopter, to Chobe safari lodge in Murchison Falls National Park in northwest Uganda.

The park’s waterfall is a popular destination. It is where the Victoria Nile “falls” at its most dramatic and narrowest point — at 20 feet wide and 130 feet down. 

The visit comes just days after West met President Donald Trump for lunch at the White House where they were to discuss prison reform but turned what would ordinarily have been a staid White House photo-op into possibly one of the more unusual — and profanity laden — encounters in the Oval Office's storied history.

Talking loudly and rapidly on everything from Trump's protectionist trade polices to replacing Air Force One with a hydrogen plane, black gun crime, being married to Kim Kardashian and "infinite amounts of universe," West left the normally loquacious president nearly speechless.

The Grammy-winning artist has broken ranks with much of the left-leaning entertainment industry to support Trump.

Celebrity news site TMZ released a video showing Kanye, Kim and their daughter North West at the safari lodge soon after their arrival.

The visit is considered by Ugandan government officials as "an endorsement of our tourism resources.” 

He is expected to work on his ninth album Yandhi while in Uganda.

Last week, West, speaking to TMZ, said he was yet to release the album because he had not finished it in time; and would to go to Africa to complete it.

"I just need to go and grab the soil... and have the mic in the open, so you can hear nature while we're recording.

"I felt this energy when I was in Chicago. I felt the roots. We have to go to what is known as Africa."

West added that the album had been pushed back to Black Friday, November 23, after a member of his management team suggested he needed more time.

"I started incorporating sounds that you never heard before and pushing and having concepts that people don't talk about," West said of the work-in-progress.

"We have concepts talking about body-shaming and women being looked down upon for how many people that they slept with. It's just a full Ye album."

--Reporting by AFP and BBC.