FOOD: Dining with the stars at Legends

Sunday October 13 2019

Meaty meals at Legends Restaurant, Sun City, South Africa.

Meaty meals at Legends Restaurant, Sun City, South Africa. PHOTO | EDGAR R BATTE 

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At the entrance sits a piano, open for anyone to play. As you walk through the door, a poster of a smiling Sol Kerzner welcomes you in. Another piano is suspended from the strong wooden beams of the roof, along with a drum set and a couple of guitars.

The Legends Restaurant in Sun City, South Africa celebrates music by paying tribute to the many famous stars, personalities, guests and icons who have graced Sun City over the past 36 years, as well as the founder Kerzner.

On a recent visit with a group of journalists from all over Africa, we walked around the restaurant before sitting down. There is an open kitchen where you can see the chefs at work.

The restaurant has different sections where you can eat—at the main open dining area, at cosy booths, or in the semi-private Green Room and Red Carpet Room that are ideal for larger groups. The sign to the toilets has two blinking arrows, in red and white light.

The walls are exposed in brick red and grey adorned with posters from a bygone era. Eating here is like dining with the stars on a trip down memory lane. Gloria Gaynor poses next to Nana Mouskouri in the Green Room. And there are Kenny Rogers and Natalie Cole looking shiny and sleek.

There are also posters of the Beach Boys who performed at Live at the Sun City Superbowl in 1987, and Tom Jones in 2010.