Kigali city rolls out vision 2040 master plan

Friday October 25 2013

By Rodrigue Rwirahira Rwanda Today

Kigali city authorities have called on investors to take advantage of the recently launched master plan to invest in key infrastructure projects.

Ministry of Infrastructure said the city is looking forward for investments from European Investment Bank and other partners to finance major infrastructure projects that are in line with plan.

Although no budget has been prepared for the implementation of the plan, major infrastructure sites have been earmarked to ensure it is achieved by 2040.

According to director of urbanisation and one stop centre at the Kigali City Council Lilian Mupende, the city will have three districts. Nyarugenge district will serve as a financial hub, Kicukiro as knowledge hub and Gasabo will be employment and cultural heart of the city.

“We have got different sections where we have the financial hub and the central part of the city, Gasabo district is considered as employment hub, where we are looking forward to seeing different categories of industries while in Kicukiro we will have universities and recreational parks,” she said.

Ms Mupende added that the master plan will be implemented in three phases to be completed in 2040.

Short term phase is expected to be ready by 2017, mid in 2025 with long term ones to be completed in 2040. The plan states that in the first phase the priority will be on projects that will spur economy growth while focusing on incentives to attract investments.

The second phase, the plan states, will look at improving quality of life by providing basic services while the last phase will focus on launching Kigali as the centre of urban excellence in Africa.

However, Member of Parliament Emmanuel Mudidi said the city expects challenges in building the desired infrastructure as stipulated in the plan.