Electoral theft is NRM psyche

Monday September 20 2010

The ruling National Resistance Movement has concluded its primaries, in an exercise that was shambolic and the true antithesis of popular democracy.

Election theft, violence, manipulation, intimidation and avarice are NRM’s “winning” strategy, which saw them they effectively used in the past two elections.
Now Uganda is stuck with shameless leaders who will lie and tell cynical jokes at their own rape on democracy.

During the NRM Delegates Conference held on September 11-12, Museveni admitted to his party’s rigging.

But was quick to issue a disclaimer — that his party henchmen (veterans of two stolen elections) are just novices at rigging; that is why they “were easy to catch.”

It is frightening to imagine what will happen when they turn pro. Throughout the region elections are getting more transparent.

The only leper is Uganda, well led by NRM. Stealing has permeated the party’s psyche.