Nation Media Group core editorial values

Saturday April 7 2018



The Board of the Nation Media Group is pleased to share with the public the core values that drive our journalism, which are an integral part of a more comprehensive Editorial Policy that provides the framework within which our media platforms operate.

The Board has been prompted to publicly reiterate this position because of the extremely critical stage that Kenya, and indeed the region, finds itself in.

In summary, this is a stage characterised by extreme political polarisation that has triggered despair and scepticism in the public, a significant erosion of confidence in governance and public institutions (including media), an over-abundance of misinformation driven by ignorance and malice, and an alarming growth of official intolerance to free speech and media freedom.

The Board is fully committed to ensuring NMG remains an independent content generation and distribution company guided primarily by the values of truthfulness, fairness, accuracy and balance – tempered by a sense of humanity -- in its reporting.


We recognise that:

  • Free and independent media are among the most important institutions in a democratic country.
  • As a social institution, the media discharge crucial duties by carrying information, debates, analytical and critical comments on society.
  • The media protect freedom of speech and should not yield to pressure from anybody or any institution that might want to prevent the free flow of accurate information, free access to sources and open debate on any matter of importance or interest to society.
  • It is the duty of the media to publish information that should be in the public domain, on what goes on in society and to uncover and disclose matters that ought to be subjected to public debate, analysis, scrutiny or criticism in keeping with the universally acknowledged principle that the media’s primary responsibility is to the public.
  • It is the duty of the media to protect individuals against injustices or neglect committed by public authorities and institutions, private concerns and others.


1. Our news and information outlets are committed to remaining independent of vested interests or external influences and our constant objective is to ascertain and verify the truth of what we publish insofar as this can be established.

2. Veracity and accuracy in reporting are an integral part of our editorial policy.

3. Editorial content is selected for its inherent news value and not to appease, augment or respond to political, commercial or any other interests.

4. Our news and information outlets will differentiate clearly between views and opinion on the one hand and news and reportage on the other.

5. We stand for racial, ethnic, religious and communal harmony and political/party tolerance as well as other forms of pluralism, the principal aim being to help audiences of all races, faiths and nations to see events in perspective, and to understand their interrelationships.

6. We support the principles of democracy as they are most widely understood, that is, good governance, transparency and accountability, regular, free and fair elections as well as social equity.

7. We also support the role of responsible and credible Civil Society Organisations in the promotion of democracy and good governance, the protection and promotion of human rights and civil liberties.

8. We support and promote public debate on matters of national importance with a view to bringing about behavioural and policy change for the common good.

9. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we support and promote the protection and conservation of the environment whilst promoting sustainable development.

10. We will promote media freedom in the nations where we operate, balancing this value with a well-developed sense of responsibility.

11. We will promote the national efforts of the people of East Africa to develop and harmonise their institutions for the common good and will encourage regional integration where this is practicable, to the advantage of the peoples of those countries involved.

12. Our vision will not be confined to our immediate market within East Africa, but it will be driven by the objective of establishing ourselves as the Media of Africa for Africa.

13. In our commentary pages and programmes, we will vigorously support the interests of the underprivileged and disadvantaged groups or persons and will work to combat injustice without fear or favour. We will seek to be sensitive to gender issues, the interests of the rural populations and of all forms of minority.

14. We support a free enterprise, market-driven approach to economic development, but our editors will encourage discussion and debate on alternative ideas.

15. Public awareness and participation are an essential ingredient for national mobilisation. In that regard, we will support society’s efforts to deal with national disasters such as flooding, drought, famine, outbreak of epidemics like the HIV/Aids epidemic, and other forms of humanitarian crises.

16. Our news and information outlets will be authoritative, intelligent and broad in their coverage and will encourage the intelligent expression of African thought and perspectives by way of regular contributions from outsiders able to offer unique professional expertise and reasoned diverse opinions on topical issues about the continent.

17. We will make every effort to maintain a geographical, ethnic and gender balance among those employed in whatever capacity in the Group.