Congo ruling party shows all signs of seeking Kabila third term

Wednesday May 30 2018

President Joseph Kabila

A vendor sits at a bus stand with a picture of President Joseph Kabila in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo on December 31, 2016. New posters in the capital Kinshasa show Joseph Kabila as a presidential candidate in controversial December elections meant to end his rule. FILE PHOTO | REUTERS 

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From the sprawling capital Kinshasa to villages deep in the equatorial forests, Congo’s ruling PPRD is in full-on election campaign mode - and President Joseph Kabila’s face is everywhere.

The deadline for declaring candidates for Democratic Republic of Congo’s scheduled December 23 poll is just over two months away, and Kabila, 46, is officially not allowed to run again.

But his bearded portrait smiles down from billboards and T-shirts being printed by his People’s Party for Reconstruction and Democracy (PPRD), while there is no sign of a successor.

After a reshuffle this month of Congo’s Constitutional