Al Shabaab grows East Africa wings as security chiefs warn of new threat

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Women in Mombasa, Kenya, demonstrate against recruitment of their sons.

Women in Mombasa, Kenya, demonstrate against recruitment of their sons. 


Posted  Sunday, June 19   2011 at  13:54

A researcher on Somalia says that the death of Fazul could prove a mixed blessing. He argues that the older terrorists generally tend to be more measured, and to be conservative in the number of people they seek to kill because they do not want to lose their overall long-term goals by turning everyone against them.

The new youth recruits into al Shabaab, however, are “more extreme” and “angrier,” and beyond the politics, want to punish the societies from which they come for turning their backs on them.

According to the researcher, the killing of Al Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden by US special forces in Pakistan at the start of May, and now the death of Fazul, are likely to open the door to a new crop of younger and more vicious leaders.

He agrees with the assessment of security leaders in the region that all those living within reach of the Shabaab, will do well to sleep with one eye and ear open for the foreseeable future.

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