Short Story: The morning of an important man to be

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She was the only neighbour who was friendly to him. She greeted him when he moved into the neighbourhood. She even helped him carry his meagre belongings into the house. The rest did not lift a finger to assist him. ILLUSTRATION | JOHN NYAGAH |   NATION MEDIA GROUP


Posted  Friday, August 14   2015 at  15:32

Rege was roused from sleep by the ringing of his phone. He groped about his bedding trying to locate it, while cursing whoever it was who had interrupted his dream.

“Get a hold of yourself, man!” He muttered to himself.

The phone was not on the bed. He swept his hand across the earthen floor and there it was. He picked it up, peered at the screen and sat up straight.


“Hallo? Am I speaking to Kazungu Rege?”


“This is Susan from Sunbird Consultancy.”

Rege’s mouth went dry.

“Well Kazungu, you have been shortlisted for the position of human resource officer. The interview is tomorrow morning at eight. Will you make it?”

Rege could barely find his voice but he managed to let out a faint “Yes”.

“The interview will be conducted at our head office on Mombasa Road. Please bring your original documents and national ID.”

“I will. Thank you.”

Rege sat on the edge of the bed long after the phone call ended. Silence punctuated by the occasional roar of motorcycles passing by filled the one-roomed house.

It had been three years since he graduated. No job had come his way. At least no job worthy of the degree he earned at the university. He sent applications via post and online... nothing. He resorted to knocking at office doors randomly. He never went beyond the receptionist.

Over time, he did odd jobs here and there. He went less to the post office and seldom stepped into the local cyber cafe. He mingled less with the friends he went to school with and more with the boys at the car wash and garage. At least the latter did not ask questions such as “Where are you these days?”

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