All about black men... and love

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Linda Nabasa, who plays Marina, in a scene from Afro Man play which ran at the National Theatre in Kampala on July 10, 2015. PHOTO | MORGAN MBABAZI. 


Posted  Friday, July 31   2015 at  16:51

In Summary

  • The play explores polygamy, promiscuity, dishonesty, selfishness, egocentricity and violence in African men. It however also captures the positive side of African men as loving husbands and fathers, cultured, considerate, honest and hardworking parents.

On the theme of the play, Nabasa said the sole purpose of Afro Man was to praise African men, preferably Ugandans.

“Though initially we wanted to appreciate men though poetry and the spoken word, we needed to have a powerful story, so we gave a real account of the relationships women have with men in Kampala. Some women are happy in their relationships, others are unhappy and there are those who are simply single and wishful.”

As to why they decided to present the show as a poetic musical, Namulondo said: “Because the script was a compilation of poetry around the theme of relationships, in a way it was a small anthology presented with music and movement.”

Namulondo explained that the character of Sara is a representative of a positive woman who has struggled to earn her worth in life but is still happy. Sara too represents women whose husbands are supportive and the women choose to stick by them through thick and thin.

“Sara is a representative of an ideal woman, a woman who has travelled through all journeys of life, transformed but still aware of her responsibility as a wife, happy and content with the choices she has made in life,” Namulondo added.

According to Nabasa, “I took on the role of Marina, because personally I have been in relationships that made me very unhappy. I needed to represent the women who have been cheated on, who are in unhappy relationships with their men or husbands, but most importantly mothers, since Marina is a mother.”

As to the importance of black men in African society, Namulondo noted: “In the African setting, a man is supposed to provide for and protect his wife and family, and in this day and age I think it’s a man’s role to empower his wife in whatever way possible.”

In her description of black men, Nabasa said, “I believe most men know what they want and they are go-getters. Some tend to be self centred and careless with the feelings of their partners. That being said, black men are very observant and opinionated.

“I think the negative side of black men is the struggle to be noticed as men. In this day and age, men are threatened and intimidated by empowered women,” Namulondo observed, adding that on the good side, most black man are cultured and respect culture and cultural practices.

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