What one requires to study popular courses in Kenya

Thursday April 14 2016

For one to study bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery, he or she requires to have taken biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics in secondary school. The cut-off points for the course range from 45.953 to 45.151, and the course is offered in six universities.

For electrical and electronic engineering, one needs to have passed in mathematics, physics and chemistry. The cut-off points range from 45.365 to 42.095 in the eight public universities offering the course.

Bachelor of Laws requires top marks in English, mathematics, Kiswahili and history, and the cut-off point is between 43.343 to 42,484 in four public universities.

Civil and structural engineering clusters require mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. The cut-off range is 45.278 to 42.169 points, and it is offered in nine universities.

Computer science requires mathematics, physics and chemistry, with the cut-off points ranging from 44.778 to 37.619.

Bachelor of veterinary medicine requires biology, chemistry, mathematics or physics, with a cut-off of 41.514 to 40.856 point, and it is offered at the University of Nairobi and Egerton University.

Bachelor of architectural studies/bachelor of architecture programmes require mathematics, physics and chemistry, with a cut-off of 45.328 to 44.448 points. It is offered at University of Nairobi and Technical University of Kenya.

Bachelor of dental surgery requires biology, chemistry mathematics or physics and the cut-off points are between 45.467 and 45.221 and the courses is offered at University of Nairobi and Moi University.