World Bank to award firms for clean energy systems

Saturday June 7 2014

By GRIFFINS OMWENGA Special Correspondent

More than 50 East African companies will be recognised by the World Bank for adoption of cleaner energy strategies in their production activities last year.

The World Bank says that the companies have helped save over $112 million through the use of efficient energy systems.

Some 20 Kenyan companies in the Lake Victoria Basin are being vetted to assess the extent to which they have reduced waste emissions into the fresh-water lake.
Tanzania will be represented by 15 companies while Uganda will have 15.

Regional competition

The companies were assessed on their performance in contributing to a healthy environment in the region under the a multi-million dollar project dubbed “Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production campaign.”

“These businesses not only enjoy a cleaner environment but realise increased economic benefits,” says the head of the programme, Jane Nyakang’o.

“We are now subjecting these industries to regional competition to determine those that have saved the highest resources,” she said.

The objective of the award, she said, was to create an incentive and a recognition system for businesses to adopt RECP for cutting down on their costs of production, minimising waste and increasing competitiveness.

Permanent or principal secretaries in charge of East African co-operation dockets will be expected to oversee the award ceremony in Uganda.

The award comes at a time when the cost soft water, energy and raw materials have escalated while Lake Victoria is getting more polluted.