Uganda Air Cargo to start passenger flights

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Posted  Monday, October 26   2009 at  00:00

However, it started out in 1981 as Uganda Air Cargo Ltd.

The Act establishing the corporation allowed it to establish, provide and operate safe, efficient, adequate, economical and properly coordinated air transport services within and outside the country.

This is for cargo, passenger, chartered passenger flights, air mail services and flight training.

In 2004, the company’s sole plane that had been grounded since 2001 was taken to a South African maintenance facility for repairs. It was returned in 2007.

The plane is now operating on a charter basis for cargo movement to the region — including Somalia, Congo and South Africa.

With the acquisition of the two 19-seater aircraft, the corporation will beef up its uptake of business from cargo to passenger.

Also, it will handle passenger service emergencies such as moving refugees.

UACC’s fleet is specialised. It is suited to land and take off where bigger carriers cannot.

This gives it an edge in the regional market.

For instance, the planes can land on murrum surfaces and need only 1,200 metres of runway to land or take off, where others require 3,000 metres.

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